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Open Sky House

On June 1, 2013 a new Russian-speaking community was created, located in a beautiful and cozy place outside the city, 40 km from Kiev, Ukraine. Dedicated to spiritual awakening and living this awakening in the daily life, this commuinty emerged due to the significant success of International Satsang and Art Community "Open Sky House", which exists in Germany for 14 years the home for the residents from 11 countries.

If you wish to visit as a guest or voluntee in this community please contact us in advance.
Contact in Ukraine:
Kiew area, Trypillya
08722 Obuchiv region

Mob.: +38 (098) 087-84-43

Contact in Germany:
Rheinstr. 54
Leverkusen, Hitdorf

Tel.: +49 2173 4099204
Mobil +49 174 4646799

Open Sky House Trypillya is a spiritual and creative community, whose aim is living in awareness. It is open to anyone who wants to know the Self. Our life is centered on the question "Who am I ?" leading to our True Nature. The resulting peace and joy expresses in the community's work and creativity: painting, music, theater and dance. It was formed in Ukraine in June 2013 in the historic village of Tripolye, located on the picturesque banks of the Dnieper river. The community is easy to reach: it's within an hour's drive south of Kiev. At the time of creation its first residents were familiar with John David for more than three years and had repeatedly been in "Open Sky House" near Cologne in Germany.

Open Sky House Trypillya community provides a space in which it is possible to look inward, to touch our True Nature and understand the illusory nature of what we call reality. Our approach combines two spiritual paths - Knowledge and Devotion. Satsang, formal meetings, are held three times a week through SatTV by the spiritual teacher John David.
The residents of the Open Sky House are a group of people really interested in spiritual awakening. The community emerged as one in which Satsangs are regularly held, which are centered on the question "Who am I?"
Each morning starts with yoga and meditation. Meditation is important for us because it calms the mind and binds us together as a community.
All aspects of the work, as well as daily activities in the community: cooking, cleaning, child care and personal communication are used to show the robotic nature of most of our actions. When there is freedom from the usual reactions and patterns, the mind becomes silent.
In the joint activities of daily chores, we often find that another person is our own "mirror". These "mirrors" constantly remind us about what is happening inside. Each of us is working on himself and not on others. This is one of keys to the success of the community.
Life in this beautiful house allows creativity to start blossoming. Creativity arises from the peace and silence, and the community supports all forms of creative expression.


In 2013 the community created the "Open Sky" retreat center. This is a wonderful place for yoga classes, meditation, body practices, as well as various seminars, business meetings and other events. The center is located in Tripolye, within 40 km from Kiev, on the cozy bay of the Dnieper river. Picturesque nature will help you to relax deeply and focus on the essence of the classes, while the caring support of the staff will make your event successful and comfortable. Seminar room: 70 sq. m., two living rooms of 25 sq. m. Toilets and showers with hot water. Also available is a separate, 2-room cottage for the leader. Private jetty and swimming place. Place for tents and outdoor practices. Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. It is also possible to rent rooms and the cottage for recreation. For you we have a sauna, bicycles, a boat, fishing rods and other pleasant surprises.


As Guest

You can visit us for a day to share with us for lunch or dinner, learn about the life of the community and its residents. Take this opportunity to relax, walk and cycle in the beautiful surroundings, sit on the beach, join the daily meditation, or just spend time in the community for your own pleasure. In our bookstore you can buy all the books and films by John David.

As Volunteer

If you are interested in Satsang, work on yourself, Awakening, and you want to have experience of community life, you can join us in our daily life and work of the community in one of the projects, in the kitchen or spend time with children. During the day you are working with the residents of the community (karma yoga) and participate in all meditations, Satsangs and joint events. When you come for the first time, we ask you to stay at least for a week. A bed and good vegetarian food is available for a small fee.

As Resident

There is an opportunity to join the community on a permanent basis. This option is suitable for those who feel a connection with John David and is who are ready to do some serious work on oneself with the Master's teacher's guidance. It is possible to become a permanent resident after 1-2 months of volunteering. You can arrive at any time, having previously phoned us.


John David comes to the Open Sky House every three months for a Sangha weekend, which are gathering his students from Ukraine and Russia. Sangha is a group of students who have decided to work closely with the Master. Every visit John David also holds public Satsang in Kyiv and other cities. Sangha Meetings are more intense than public open Satsang.


In August for the forth time a Summer Retreat will be held, which are always filled with depth and are an interesting combination of Eastern and Western cultures - many residents from the Western European community Open Sky House come to this retreat. It will be a Silent Retreat which will allow us more easily to touch the inner silence and discover within something that never changes. Every year in January, in India, a three-week Pilgrimage Retreat is hold by John David, at the foot of the holy mountain Arunachala. It is focused on Self-enquiry based on the teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. These three weeks are the opportunity to live Satsang 24 hours a day with the living support of like-minded people, and immerse yourself in the silence of Arunachala.


Three times a week John David holds Satsang, which is broadcasted via the Internet. On Mondays with German translation, on Fridays in English without translation. Using Skype (meetingjohndavid) you can join a meeting live. You can also look at the John David Satsang archive:

Living together in joy and creativity