Visitors Information

There are several ways to visit the Open Sky Community.


As a Visitor

You can visit at any time. Join us for lunch or dinner. Attend the daily meditations. Enjoy our current art exhibition. Or just come and sit in the courtyard! We ask you to call us before to announce your visit!

As a Volunteer

Learn to live in satsang 24 hours a day and enjoy the support of a loving Community.
You can join in the daily 'work and play' of the Community, in the kitchen, the office, with the children and on Community projects. Enjoy the surroundings and join the daily meditations. There is a lot of creativity in our house and you're welcome to play and sing, dance, paint or express your love in cooking or having fun with the children.
As a volunteer you work six hours per day with the Community members. For your first stay we ask a minimum of one week's commitment so we can know each other.
Join the regular meditations, our evening program on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, such as Satsang, Darshan, Buffet, Mantra singing and Theater. As a volunteer you stay for free.

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As a Guest

If you would like to stay for some time as a guest you have the opportunity to nourish yourself and rest, to walk and cycle in the beautiful surroundings along the Rhine, sit on the beach or walk through the park, join the daily meditations, or simply enjoy some time with the community.

Please contact our office to arrange your visit as a Volunteer or Guest.


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