Impressions by Visitors and Friends

Name:Ramona, Germany
I spent 5 days as a helper in this wonderful community earlier this month. Although I could not get to know John David, these 5 days were a very intense and memorable experience for me. The wide open heart that is practiced and lived in this community is pleasantly contagious and helps you to go beyond your limits. In the bustle of this lively, creative community you are thrown back on yourself and experience at work the benefits of inner silence. I felt very well with you and will definitely come back soon. Thanks and Namasté.
May 2019

Name:Christine, Germany
Comments:How do I describe a place that is much more than an address or a beautiful, historic building? A place, which touched me so deeply in the heart within a short time ?! The energy of the people who live here is hard to compare. Here is a special warmth, a deep silence and the love of home. I admire the courage of the community to another concept of family life. I am grateful that they share this openly. To me the Open Sky within a very short time has become a home, to which I always like to return. Not only when I would like to become more slow, also if I want honest and conscious meetings.
If I am worried to lose myself again, then I return home, look into the eyes of the residents, share the energy of Satsang and feel at home. How does the saying go: Home is, where the heart is.
February 2018

Name:Carmen, Spain
Comments:It was not easy for me to be here. I was very much confronted with myself and my structures. Avoiding and hiding is not easy here and that is not pleasant. But I liked it anyway or because of this. Because I stayed, although it was unpleasant in between, it has become especially beautiful and easy. I thank you all for your presence and love and for doing so much for this place.
December 2017

Name:Nick, Holland
Comments:Something in me has been able to relax deeply, because I feel very openly and honestly accepted in the Open Sky House. It's actually quite simple and nothing spectacular at all, but where do you find this nowadays?
October 2017

Name:Anna, Germany
Comments:Beautiful people in a beautiful place. Hard to believe that something like this really exists.
September 2017

Comments:Great, what has been created by the energy of John David here over the years. The earth needs many such places.
July 2017

Comments:A vital, quiet oasis of love and peace.
June 2017

Name:Pete, Australia
Comments:The open sky is a wonderous creation and the love I feel very real as I heal. Sinscerest love and gratitude and admiration.
December 2016

Name:Mojtaba, Denmark
Comments:Thanks for a rich week. Give this humble love to all beautiful souls. Special thanks and love to John David whose presence made it possible to rise to new heights. You are all in the heart. Love Mojtaba.
June 2016

Comments:Incredibly enlightening look frontward to coming back again.
February 2016

Name:Iwo WoodWitch
Comments:It is truely a wonderful energy here, to do anything what you like - but with a support of magic, if you let it be there. The art of Gabriele Musebrink has found a good place as I think. To cuddle a chicken in their garden is so...!
The women of that place are strong, proud, wise ones - it`s a good peaceful and powerful place for me.
Greetings from Köln (Cologne)
April 2015

Comments:First, very quiet and then in love, beyond subject and object. Since meeting Premananda in the Open Sky House, a very powerful love and joy is unfolding in me and thus also in the world around me. A joyful perception and all-pervasive clarity replaces the ordinary entanglement of the mind in thoughts, emotions and habits. Despite currently very difficult life circumstances, everything is great fun. I am endlessly grateful for the reminder that lively love and joy are nothing outside of me, but my own nature.
In deep gratitude to Premananda and the Community, Susanne.
April 2015

Comments:Deep vivid stillness. Thank you very much for this special place. Although I cant live with you, it is very good to know, that such a place exist in reality in the middle of Europe. I will come again, many times.
April 2015

Comments:Ja das findet man selten. Schon Bei der Ankündigung meines Besuches für Samstag strömt mir per Nachricht Wärme und Liebe entgegen.Freue mich Euch und den little lucky bear kennzulernen. Wenn ich darf komme ich früh,schon zum stillen Sitzen und mache mich gerne übertag behilflich damit Eure Gäste sich wohlfühlen.
Alles Liebe, Herbert Monnartz, D-52222 Stoberg
November 2014

Name:Thorji, Germany
Comments:After 4 weeks stay) The Open Sky House is a cleansing moment of clarity. I'm filled up with a special spirit, which is completely not a religious feeling at all, it is a powerful eruption of strong electrical energy. I feel vivid and radiant, as if I've suddenly been plugged into some great electromagnetic field. I feel like a part of all living things, of flowers, of birds, of all the beings of the world. And also as part of some great, invisible, living/vivid force. The Hindus call it prana. I've never felt more balanced in my life. It is a mind-blowing, wonderful experience. It is the infinite/unlimited being of the space and time continuum, in that it is spaceless and eternal. Full of amazing beauty. It is a birth into a different BEING, which has always been there, I just had forgotten. Therefore, I have decided to become part of the community and so I will stay (:
November 2014

Name:Elisabeth, Switzerland
Comments:Hello my dears, it feels like I've been on a long journey, in another universe. Now I'm looking at my familiar surrounding with astonishment, in a new way. It was an adventure, I got to know a house where always new doors opened, inner as well as outer doors. I feel blessed and nourished and .... see you in India! Warmly. Elisabeth
October 2014

Comments:It has been enriching and evacuating at the same time. Thank you very much for the good time with you.
September 2014

Name:Maja, Niederlande
Comments:Thank you for the time with you. In your clear loving mirror I could see a lot about myself. This has been not always nice, but true, and then it became still and then very beautiful. I still feel very connected with myself, still and nourished.
September 2014

Name:Joy Beate Bohmhammel
Comments:For me, Open Sky House is like a big big magnifier including an enormous flood light, to see all the pureness and also still the last little particle of pollution, what seperates you still from the eternal place of love. Thanks to all, for creating such a gorgeous place.
August 2014

Comments:I would like to thank you again for this great Saturday I spent with you. It is the first time since many months that I can feel my heart chakra clearly. This is healing.
August 2014

Name:Kristian, Aachen
Comments:Since the weekend with you the children from the Kindergarten where I am on placement love me even more. They can’t get enough of the blessings that you filled me with. :DD
August 2014

Name:Denise from Bristol, UK
Comments:To all of you beautiful people at the Open Sky House. THANK YOU for having me to stay for the last 3 weeks. It has been enjoyable, fun and sometimes – challenging ... As well as peaceful. I found you all very easy to be with. Thank you for that. Thank you my friends for getting in Earl Grey tea and goats milk. Thank you Kali for provoking me at the theatre evening – bringing something out from inside me that I probably suppressed for a long time (my sense of FUN). Thank you Nihira for facilitating the Tantra weekend, it was interesting, challenging and somewhat enjoyable and you never know, one day I may really find a wild tiger inside. Thank you Indira and Amrit for bringing me to Open Sky House after a brilliant film tour in the UK. And last but not least THANK YOU Premananda for creating this lovely space.
August 2014

Name:Alan Jacobs
Comments:A brilliant model self-financing spiritual community based on Ramana Maharshi and Papaji's Teaching. Led by Premananda it is well worth a visit.
July 2014

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